Call for Nominees for 2015 Elections!

We have 3 openings for the FACRL Board of Directors and an opening for Vice-President/President-Elect. Terms for Board members begin at the FACRL meeting held during the annual meeting of the Florida Library Association (May 13-15, 2015) and run for 2 years. The Vice-President/President-Elect serves for 3 years.

Members are encouraged to submit nominations. Please get permission from your candidate before submitting. Self-nominations are encouraged. Membership in FACRL is required prior to election. Membership is now open to all state residents through its new Non-ACRL Member category. However, to be eligible to run for Vice-President/President-Elect, you must be and remain a current member of ACRL/ALA. Membership information is available at FACRL Membership.

To nominate someone visit 2015 Nominations. Contact the Nominating Committee if you have any questions:

  • Debbie Robinson, FACRL Past-President, Chair
  • Valerie Boulos, FACRL Member
  • Lee Dotson, FACRL Member