Save the Date 2015

2015 Call for Proposals

The FACRL Board invites you to submit proposals on the theme, Tackling the Textbook Problem: Leveraging Library Resources & OERs to Reduce Costs

As the cost of textbooks continues to rise and have negative impacts on student success, educators are seeking alternatives to providing course materials. Librarians are increasingly taking a leadership role in this area by leading efforts to create and integrate Open Education Resources (OERs), as well as leveraging their investment in licensed online resources by re-purposing them to provide direct curricular support. In many cases, a hybrid use of OERs and library resources is being used to replace the use of textbooks in courses, saving students hundreds of thousands of dollars in textbook expenditures.

The 2015 annual FACRL program seeks to showcase the efforts librarians around the state are making to use OERs and licensed online resources to help reduce the costs of textbooks. Do you have experiences to share about efforts on your campus? We want to hear about it! The FACRL Board invites submissions of poster sessions and presentations on the topic for the Fall program to be held Friday, October 16 at the Harn Museum of Art on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville. Inquiries may be sent to the FACRL President, Claire Dygert, or (352)415-6829.

Submit a proposal for a presentation, panel or poster session by midnight, July 24, 2015 online at 2015 Call for Proposals. Acceptance e-mails will be sent on or before August 15, 2015.

Please note the following:

  • All sessions will be allotted 45 minutes for the presentation and questions.

  • Time management issues generally limit each presentations to two to three speakers.

  • All presenters must register and pay for the conference.

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