2016 - Prove It! Demonstrating Effectiveness with Data: Agenda and Presentation summaries & Presenters
Presentation: Aligning Library Assessment with Institutional Goals: A Correlation Study of Student Academic Performance and Use of Five Library Services by Penny Beile, Terri Gotschall, and Rachel Mulvihill

Presentation: Prove it with Precision: Demonstrating the Impact of a Library-Intensive Freshman Seminar on Student Success by Kirsten Kinsley, Dan Maier-Katkin, Leslie Hill, Roshni Ladny, and Mike Siriwardena 
Presentation: Reference & Instruction Assessment: A Multifaceted Approach by Elizabeth Fairall

Poster Session: Altmetrics in Action by Wilhelmina Randtke

Poster Session: Assessing Success, One Student at a Time
by Lauren Newton, Stephanie Weiss, Maria Atilano, and Cat Silvers  

Poster Session: Humblebrag: Leveraging Social Media Data to Increase Visibility by Rachael Elrod

2015 - Tackling the Textbook Problem: Leveraging Library Resources & OERs to Reduce Costs
  • Agenda
  • Presentations & Speakers
  • Moving the Needle on Textbooks in Small College: An Innovative OER Grant Jonathan Miller
  • Impacting Student Success through E-Books in the Classroom Susan A. Ariew
  • Two Ways to Save: A Virtual Bookshelf of Textbooks and Instructional Design of OERs Rebecca Harrington, Roxann Mouratidis, & Shenifa Taite
  • Joining the OER Party: New Library Opportunities with Canvas Commons Diana Matthews & Scott Tarbox

  • 2014 - Digital Scholarship: New Directions for Florida's Librarians
  • Agenda
  • Presentations & Speakers
  • Islands of Information: Maximizing Research Visability in a Digital World Kerri Baker, Katie McCormick and Sarah Norris & Sandy Hawes
  • Digital Scholarship and Student Work Joanne Parandjuk and Michael Rodriquez
  • Walking the Fine Line: Copyright Implications for Digital Scholarship Ashley Krenelka Chase
  • Data Management in Digital Scholarship Erica England & Dr. Penny Beile and Tina Neville & Anthony Stamatoplos
  • University of Florida's "Developing Librarian" Digital Scholarship Pilot Training Program Dr. Richard Freeman, Dr. Blake Landor & Suzan Alteri
  • Poster Sessions
  • The UCF Research LifeCycle, an Institutional Model Facilitating Outreach (Corinne Bishop, Andrew Todd, & Cindy Dancel)
  • Theses and Dissertations at UCF: Creating, Organizing, and Preserving our Digital Scholarship Kerri Bottorff
  • Partnering with Faculty: Taking the Textbook Online Valerie Boulos & Sarah J. Hammill
  • Promoting Faculty Scholarship Through the USFSP Digital Archive Deborah Henry, Tina Neville, & Carol Hixson
  • Helping the Saint Leo University Community Learn about Its 21st Century Self and its Past Through Digital Collections (Carol Ann Moon)
  • Using Digital Collections for Research, Teaching, and Scholarship (Sunghae Ress)
  • Presenter & Poster Bios

  • 2013: Library to Go: Distance Learning & Libraries
    2012 - Emerging Partnerships in Academic Libraries